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LGBTQ+ ministry at Holy Name of Mary Church in San Dimas, CA. Celebrating that Christ places no conditions on His love for us, and as such, we should place no artificial barriers between Christ and those who seek to know Him, love Him and serve Him through his Church.


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About our Resource Library
These resources, suggested by friends and colleagues from around the world, are designed to help LGBTQ Catholics and those who minister with them.

We have not read every page of every book; we do not agree with every word of every article; we have not watched every minute of every video and we do not know every person in every organization. Our including a resource here does not mean that we endorse every aspect of it.

We hope that our community of friends find these resources, from a variety of perspectives, as well as countries and language groups, useful tools to help deepen your faith. Please let us know if you have a resource you would like to suggest or have a concern about one we included.


“Amoris Laetitia” and Gay Marriage: A Closer Look

Article Francis X. Clooney, S.J.

A theologian reflects on Pope Francis’s apostolic exhortation “Amoris Laetitia.”

“Comme Dieu nous a créés” : coming out collectif chez les catholiques allemands LGBT+

Article French

Sur le site «#OutInChurch», ils réclament «un changement dans le code du travail discriminatoire de l’Église» catholique et la suppression de «formulations dégradantes et excluantes» dans les règlements, ainsi que la fin d’un «système de dissimulation, de double morale et de malhonnêteté» qui entoure la question LGBT+ dans l’Église.

“Heartstopper” helped me love myself a little bit more

Article Doug Girardot

“Heartstopper” isn’t just a good show; it’s a life-affirming story.

“No podía dormir sabiendo que esperaban la muerte”

Article Spanish

La hermana Mónica acompaña a personas trans para sacarlas de la calle, darles un trabajo y devolverles la fe.

30 LGBTQ+ Religious Saints Throughout History


A list of saints considered by some to have been LGBT, even if that term did not yet exist.