Welcome. God loves you.

Greg Krajewski / April 12, 2024

How LGBTQ Catholics can celebrate this Easter season

I believe that Jesus, in his resurrection, has revealed ways for all LGBTQ Catholics (including myself) to celebrate with our church.

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Maxwell Kuzma / April 10, 2024

As a transgender Catholic, I don’t see gender diversity as a threat to our faith

My personal faith journey has shown me that LGBTQ identities are a gift from God, one that helps the entire community grow in openness and love.

Michael J. O’Loughlin / April 8, 2024

Vatican condemnation of “gender theory” a moment of whiplash for LGBTQ Catholics

The document, which has been in the works for the past five years, cites other popes and Vatican documents, but also tries to synthesize the thoughts of Pope Francis. 

Ryan Di Corpo / April 5, 2024

Bishop Thomas Gumbleton remembered as a supportive friend to LGBTQ Catholics

What made Bishop Gumbleton fairly unique among Catholic leaders was his public willingness to support gay Catholics and his moral courage to confront homophobia in the church.

The Outreach Guide to the Bible and Homosexuality


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