Welcome. God loves you.

Jason Steidl-Jack / June 2, 2023

Manhattan parish met with protests after hosting transgender-affirming art exhibit

Unachukwu’s artwork makes the bold claim that all people—especially trans people—have a share in divine life.

James Martin, S.J. / May 30, 2023

Can Catholics celebrate Pride Month? Yes, and here’s why.

It’s important for churches to mark Pride Month and remind our LGBTQ friends that they are welcome in what is, after all, their church, too.

James Martin, S.J. / May 28, 2023

How to respond if you hear homophobic messages in church

Remember that no matter what hateful things you may hear from a few people, you are still part of the Body of Christ.

The Outreach Guide to the Bible and Homosexuality

Outreach 2023 Conference

Fordham Lincoln Center, New York City, June 16-18


Revoice Conference


An ecumenical annual conference seeking “[t]o support and encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other same-sex attracted Christians—as well as those who love them—so that all in the Church might be empowered to live in gospel unity while observing the historic Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality.”