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Outreach Day of Giving

Building Community for LGBTQ Catholics
Greg Krajewski / June 20, 2024

An Outreach conversation about LGBTQ Catholic ministry

Yunuen Trujillo, an author and attorney, has spent years ministering among LGBTQ Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

This Pride month, LGBTQ+ Catholic women speak
News National Catholic Reporter
June 21, 2024

More than Welcome
News Commonweal
June 21, 2024

Greg Krajewski / June 20, 2024

An Outreach conversation about living as an LGBTQ Catholic

It’s hard to find places where the traditional practices of the church interact in a positive way with my queer side. Meeting Brent has helped me bridge that perceived divide.

David Van Biema / June 13, 2024

“No Body Now But Yours”

How a Catholic sister from Louisiana became the American church’s foremost minister to transgender people.

Brian T. Gillis / June 7, 2024

What a gay Catholic family therapist wants the church to know

I remain optimistic that one day LGBTQ acceptance won’t have to hide in the shadows of our church. And I have some ideas about how I think we will get there.

The Outreach Guide to the Bible and Homosexuality




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