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Views Brody McCurdy / August 6, 2022

Why queer joy is vital to the church

This queer joy was something I was first able to articulate after watching “Godspell.”

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Outreach is an LGBTQ Catholic resource. 

We offer news, resources and community for LGBTQ Catholics, their families and friends, and those who minister to them in the Catholic Church worldwide.  Through our website and conferences, we also aim to raise up people, parishes, schools and other Catholic ministries that are offering inspiring stories and providing a welcoming home for LGBTQ people. 

Outreach, under the auspices of America Media, a Jesuit ministry, is rooted in the love of Jesus, who reached out to those who were excluded; inspired by the saints who cared for those who were neglected; and grounded in the church’s call to treat LGBTQ people with “respect, compassion and sensitivity” (Catechism #2358).  We also hope to offer a place where church leaders, both clergy and lay, can encounter the LGBTQ faithful as well as engage in respectful dialogue.  Pope Francis’s model of “closeness, compassion and tenderness” towards the LGBTQ community inspires us in our ministry of outreach.

We hope to help LGBTQ Catholics know that God loves them, that they are at the heart of their church and that they have many gifts to offer the People of God.

News and Views

In new letter to Outreach, Pope Francis calls Catholics to foster a “culture of encounter”

Views Spanish James Martin, SJ / August 2, 2022

“I encourage you all to keep working in the culture of encounter, which shortens distances and enriches with differences, in the same manner of Jesus, who made himself close to everyone,” writes Pope Francis.

Archbishop John C. Wester: The church should baptize children of same-sex couples

Views Archbishop John C. Wester / July 31, 2022

“I believe that undue attention given to the fact that the couple is gay blinds the church’s minister to the abundance of positive and virtuous qualities that abide in their relationship,” writes the archbishop.

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Devenir Un en Christ

Organization French

Groupe d’accueil des Chrétiens concernés par l’homosexualité.

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Celebrating welcoming parishes, schools, communities, and people

Our Lady of Lourdes

Daytona Beach, Fla.
Father Phil Egitto

We are a parish in Daytona Beach, Florida that believes all are welcome—and all means all.

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