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Views James Martin, SJ / May 17, 2022

The church and the transgender person

What accounts for the Catholic Church’s recent focus on transgender people?

Outreach is an LGBTQ Catholic resource. We host an annual conference that will be held on June 24-25 at Fordham University in New York City.
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Outreach is an LGBTQ Catholic resource. 

We offer news, resources and community for LGBTQ Catholics, their families and friends, and those who minister to them in the Catholic Church worldwide.  Through our website and conferences, we also aim to raise up people, parishes, schools and other Catholic ministries that are offering inspiring stories and providing a welcoming home for LGBTQ people. 

Outreach, under the auspices of America Media, a Jesuit ministry, is rooted in the love of Jesus, who reached out to those who were excluded; inspired by the saints who cared for those who were neglected; and grounded in the church’s call to treat LGBTQ people with “respect, compassion and sensitivity” (Catechism #2358).  We also hope to offer a place where church leaders, both clergy and lay, can encounter the LGBTQ faithful as well as engage in respectful dialogue.  Pope Francis’s model of “closeness, compassion and tenderness” towards the LGBTQ community inspires us in our ministry of outreach.

We hope to help LGBTQ Catholics know that God loves them, that they are at the heart of their church and that they have many gifts to offer the People of God.

News and Views

I was hounded from my church job because I’m gay. This month, I spoke at a Vatican conference on love.

Views Aaron Bianco / May 20, 2022

My name is Aaron Bianco. I am a gay Catholic man who has been in a committed relationship for 17 years. My experiences reflect the deep pain, confusion and joy of many LGBT Catholics.

I’m a Catholic high school student who came out. It’s time for Catholic schools to come out, too

Views Henry Herbert, Jr. / May 13, 2022

After days filled with too many insinuations by my peers, my darkest nights were spent pondering my place at school.

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Creating Safe Environments for LGBT Students: A Catholic Schools Perspective

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A comprehensive training guidebook for educators who are committed to diversity and the full inclusion of LGBT students in every aspect of the Catholic high school experience.

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Celebrating welcoming parishes, schools, communities, and people

St. Thomas More Catholic Church

Mark McDermott

“St. Thomas More Welcomes You! Our parish community accepts people of all walks of life, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations and gender identities.  We are all on a spiritual journey, trying to find our way. All are welcome to join us!”

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