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About our Resource Library
These resources, suggested by friends and colleagues from around the world, are designed to help LGBTQ Catholics and those who minister with them.

We have not read every page of every book; we do not agree with every word of every article; we have not watched every minute of every video and we do not know every person in every organization. Our including a resource here does not mean that we endorse every aspect of it.

We hope that our community of friends find these resources, from a variety of perspectives, as well as countries and language groups, useful tools to help deepen your faith. Please let us know if you have a resource you would like to suggest or have a concern about one we included.


Celebrating gay relationships in the church? What happened in Belgium and why it’s good news.

Article Jos Moons, S.J.

The bishops recognize the value of lasting and loving relationships between LGBTQ people and offer a loosely developed liturgy for celebrating those relationships in church.

“Fuori dall’armadio”. I giovani cristiani LGBT si raccontano

Article Italian Progetto Gionata

“The Truth makes you free”, proclaims the Gospel of John (8, 32) and the booklet “Out of the closet. LGBT Christian Young Lives ”in its 48 pages, published by La Tenda di Gionata together with the LGBT Christian Youth Project, collects some testimonies that speak of the path necessary for young LGBT Christians to go towards this freedom.


Organization Portuguese

Somos uma equipa de pessoas católicas com o compromisso profundo de criar pontes entre a Comunidade LGBT+ e a Igreja Católica Portuguesa.

Non è bene che l’uomo sia solo

Document or Essay Italian Progetto Gionata

What we could define as “the galaxy of Italian LGBT + Christians” includes 5 national networks attentive to distinct aspects (Parents, Youth, Solidarity, Information and Training); 4 groups involving homosexuals and parents; 7 local groups dealing with parents; 25 groups that cater indiscriminately to LGBT + people and 4 groups that cater to young LGBT + Christians.

Project Gionata’s Listing of LGBTQ Christian Groups in Italy

Organization Italian

In many Italian cities there are different realities (groups or associations) for LGBT Christians and their families, who try to be places of welcome, spiritual research and witness, so that each person can feel understood, loved and supported in his or her path of growth in faith and acceptance of one’s identity.

Project Gionata: Christian LGBTQ organization in Italy

Organization Italian

Gionata is a cultural volunteering project aimed at making known the journey that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Christians take every day in their communities and in the various Churches , so that these experiences can help society to be open to understanding and welcoming homosexual people.

Sacred Stories of Transgender Names

Document or Essay Luisa Derouen, O.P.

In this compilation of stories, transgender Catholics share the stories of their chosen names, many of which were chosen as an expression of their faith.

Jesuit psychologist: Gay priests are not the cause of clergy sex abuse

Article Gerard J. McGlone, S.J.

LGBTQ people were not and are not the problem of the clergy sexual abuse. Numerous international studies actually determined there were more heterosexuals who offended in the church.

The Holy Father’s impromptu address to Dicastery for Communication: Communication must be inclusive and truthful

Article L'Osservatore Romano

After consigning his prepared speech (see page 8) to members of the Dicastery for Communication whom he received in audience on Saturday morning, 12 November, the Holy Father delivered an impromptu address.

Padre James Martin: “Francesco è il Papa più amico della comunità Lgbtq”

Article Italian lacopo Scaramuzzi

Il gesuita è stato ricevuto in Vaticano da Bergoglio. “I sacerdoti omosessuali e le suore lesbiche ci sono, perché non parlarne, perché dovrebbero nascondersi? Più persone fanno coming out e più vescovi, sacerdoti e laici capiscono che non sono categorie ma persone.”