The Outreach Guide to the Bible and Homosexuality


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About our Resource Library
These resources, suggested by friends and colleagues from around the world, are designed to help LGBTQ Catholics and those who minister with them.

We have not read every page of every book; we do not agree with every word of every article; we have not watched every minute of every video and we do not know every person in every organization. Our including a resource here does not mean that we endorse every aspect of it.

We hope that our community of friends find these resources, from a variety of perspectives, as well as countries and language groups, useful tools to help deepen your faith. Please let us know if you have a resource you would like to suggest or have a concern about one we included.


An Outreach conversation about LGBTQ Catholic ministry

ArticleMediaVideo Greg Krajewski

Yunuen Trujillo, an author and attorney, has spent years ministering among LGBTQ Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

An Outreach conversation about living as an LGBTQ Catholic

ArticleMediaVideo Greg Krajewski

It’s hard to find places where the traditional practices of the church interact in a positive way with my queer side. Meeting Brent has helped me bridge that perceived divide.

“No Body Now But Yours”

Article David Van Biema

How a Catholic sister from Louisiana became the American church’s foremost minister to transgender people.

The connection between Pride and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Article Robert C. Bordone

Pride offers a chance for us to feel the connection between God’s love and the love, acceptance, inclusion and embrace at the core of the LGBTQ movement.

What a gay Catholic family therapist wants the church to know

Brian T. Gillis

I remain optimistic that one day LGBTQ acceptance won’t have to hide in the shadows of our church. And I have some ideas about how I think we will get there.

We need more than an apology for Pope Francis’s homophobic slur, says gay priest

Article Rev. Bryan Massingale

I believe the pope needs to listen directly and with an open heart to gay priests who faithfully serve the people of God.

Can Catholics celebrate Pride Month? Yes, and here’s why.

Article James Martin, S.J.

It’s important for churches to mark Pride Month and remind our LGBTQ friends that they are welcome in what is, after all, their church, too.

How conversation helped me accept myself and transformed my relationships

Article Christopher Vella

Engaging with people around the world who share my faith and sexuality has opened me up to new opportunities and helped me grow as a person.

Pope Francis reportedly used a homophobic slur. What now for LGBTQ Catholics?

Article Michael J. O’Loughlin

Even though Francis has repeatedly upheld the church’s official ban on gay men entering seminaries, the remarks seem to be at odds with the pope’s welcoming gestures to the LGBTQ Catholic community—including to gay priests

How can we participate in the Trinity? By inviting people on the margins into community.

Article James Martin, S.J.

We may not be able to fit the idea of the Trinity into our minds, but we can begin to participate in the Trinity’s communal love in our own world.