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As a gay Protestant pastor, I have mixed reactions to the Synod report

Views Brandan Robertson / November 22, 2023

While I understand the challenge for the Synod to explicitly affirm LGBTQ people, these two references feel like too little at best and patronizing at worst.

Amid hatred from some Christians, LGBTQ pride is a commitment to the “radically inclusive” Gospel of Christ

Views Brandan Robertson / June 23, 2023

Pride is an act of resistance to those who choose to weaponize their faith to tear down queer people.

Brandan Robertson: The Bible does not condemn LGBTQ people

Views Brandan Robertson / October 9, 2022

Simply put, the six references to homosexual sex in Scripture are all references not to consensual, loving, same-sex behavior, but references to sexual exploitation, abuse and idolatry.