Welcome to Outspoken, our monthly series of virtual talks.

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A conversation with theologian James Alison. The author of several books, Alison studied under the Dominican philosopher Herbert McCabe and has written widely on the relationship between LGBTQ Catholics and the church.

Ish Ruiz, a queer and Latinx theologian at Emory University and former secondary school teacher, joined Outreach for a conversation about LGBTQ youth ministry.

Outreach spoke with Sister Luisa Derouen. A Dominican Sister of Peace, she has ministered nationally to transgender Catholics since 1999.

For the second talk in our series, Outreach spoke with the Rev. Bryan N. Massingale.

Father Massingale is a leading Catholic social ethicist and professor at Fordham University investigating the intersections between race, ethnicity and LGBTQ identities. Moderated by Ryan Di Corpo.

For our inaugural talk, Outreach spoke with the Catholic priest and iconographer Rev. William Hart McNichols. In 2002, Time magazine named him “among the most famous creators of Christian iconic images in the world.” With Father James Martin, S.J.