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Last weekend, hundreds gathered in New York for the Outreach conference. Here’s what happened.

Views James Martin, SJ / June 27, 2022

More than 200 people from all over the United States and Canada, and from foreign nations like the United Kingdom, Italy, Colombia and Uganda, gathered for the first in-person Outreach LGBTQ Catholic Ministry Conference this past weekend in New York City.

Here comes the Outreach 2022 Conference: How to join us online and otherwise

Views James Martin, SJ / June 23, 2022

Learn more about our 2022 Outreach Conference schedule and how to view livestreams of our keynote addresses.

What does it mean to welcome LGBTQ people into Catholic communities?

Views Craig A. Ford, Jr. / June 19, 2022

We return to the question for the same reason that everyone else is: where does “welcoming” LGBTQ+ people end up capitulating to a cultural vision that is contrary to the gospel?

The Many Colors of the Body of Christ: A Meditation for Corpus Christi

Views Mickey McGrath / June 18, 2022

We are one human family walking forward together in faith, hope, and love. The whole church is a monstrance, the entire cosmos a tabernacle.

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LGBTQ students face obstacles in Catholic schools. Here’s what better diocesan policy can look like.

Views David Palmieri / June 17, 2022

People who work with kids know that trust is a doorway to the heart and mind, and trust must be earned through the primacy of relationships. Christ prioritized this disposition—mercy first.

Want to build a more inclusive church? Focus on the human person, says Australian archbishop

Views Archbishop Mark Coleridge / June 16, 2022

Yes, we are all sisters and brothers: but what exactly does that mean in terms of welcome and inclusion? That’s the question.

June: Celebrating the Sacred Heart and celebrating Pride

Views James Martin, SJ / June 14, 2022

Where would the Sacred Heart be today? It would be poured out in love on these people who seek love and acceptance.

Gospel meditation: How would Christ interact with LGBTQ people today?

Views Mark McDermott / June 10, 2022

Imagine an LGBTQ+ youth weeping and kissing Jesus’s feet and wiping them with their hair.

Interview: “A Strange Loop” playwright Michael R. Jackson talks faith, compassion and sexuality

Views Jim McDermott, S.J. / June 9, 2022

“A Strange Loop,” which premiered on Broadway this spring and was nominated for 11 Tonys (including two for Jackson himself), is an enormously inventive, funny and challenging show.

The church must dialogue with its LGBTQ members, says Notre Dame priest

Views Joseph V. Corpora, C.S.C. / June 7, 2022

The church cannot be absent from the dialogue and conversation about sexual orientation. If the church is absent from this conversation, it is absent at its own peril.