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Hillary and Chelsea Clinton discuss spotlighting LGBTQ women in the new series “Gutsy”

Views Ryan Di Corpo / October 5, 2022

In an exclusive interview, Outreach spoke with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton on why they believed it was important to feature LGBTQ women in unique and sometimes complicated relationships.

Engaging Homosexuality and Transgender Identity Through an African-American Catholic Lens

Views Craig A. Ford, Jr. / October 4, 2022

How can the experiences of slavery and segregation be brought to bear on the ecclesial discourse surrounding gender and sexuality?

Harold W. Attridge: New Testament passages on same-sex relations must be read in context

Views Harold W. Attridge / October 2, 2022

The general framework for thinking about sexual morality should not be determined by generalized condemnations of undefined behavior. Our sexual ethics should be grounded in the command to love.

PFLAG executive: Most LGBTQ people see the Catholic Church as “unfriendly.” What is our response?

Views Jean-Marie Navetta / September 30, 2022

A 2017 report found that 82.1 percent of LGBTQ people have a perception that the Catholic Church is “unfriendly” towards people like them. (A 2013 survey found that 79 percent of respondents held similar views.)

Italian diplomat: International community must stress that “LGBTQ rights are human rights”

Views Fabrizio Petri / September 28, 2022

An LGBTQ human rights defender from Ukraine: It is difficult to find institutions and international organizations that even answer the phone in times of need.

Catholic moral theologian: Pastoral care of transgender persons must emphasize human dignity and “embodied freedom”

Views William O'Neill, S.J. / September 25, 2022

“Before God, the choice of bodily integrity is just what nature requires. Here, we ‘image’ God. Our transgender sisters and brothers do no less.”

My son was bullied to death in 2010. Today, harassment of LGBTQ youth is on the rise.

Views Jane Clementi / September 22, 2022

According to a 2019 report from the C.D.C., 43 percent of transgender youth reported being bullied at school, while over one-fifth of gay and lesbian youths reported attempting suicide.

A gay couple describes producing a new documentary for LGBTQ Catholics

Views Mark McDermott Yuval David / September 21, 2022

The idea arose from Mark’s search for Christian iconography that represents the LGBTQ community. He found a few things, but nothing that spoke to him. “If you cannot find it,” said Yuval, “why don’t we create it ourselves?”

John R. Donahue, S.J.: The Gospels invite us to find Jesus among LGBTQ people today

Views John R. Donahue, S.J. / September 19, 2022

We should cease talking about the problem of LGBTQ people, but be thankful for their gifts. The dignity and beauty of difference is a legacy for all those who are members of the Body of Christ.

Diocesan listening sessions reveal struggles of LGBTQ Catholics and their families

Views Stephen McNulty / September 16, 2022

If the documentation we have so far is any indication, however, the process of synodal discernment has called the church to seriously reflect on its relationship with the LGBTQ community, and to find new paths forward in dialogue and reconciliation.