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Pope Francis clarifies comments on homosexuality: “One must consider the circumstances.”

Breaking NewsViews Outreach Staff / January 27, 2023

Outreach asked the Holy Father three questions, in Spanish, and received a written response from him, to clarify his comments on the decriminalization of homosexuality.

Pope Francis’s call to decriminalize homosexuality worldwide will save lives

Breaking NewsViews James Martin, S.J. / January 25, 2023

This represents and immense step forward for LGBTQ people, their families and friends, and will undoubtedly save lives.

Like it or not, Pete Buttigieg is legally married

Views James Martin, S.J. / January 23, 2023

We can stand with the crowd who grumbles and issues death threats, or we can stand with Jesus, who sees Zacchaeus, calls to him and who treats him with dignity.

My journey towards belonging as an LGBTQ Catholic—and parishioner

Views Lou Csabay / January 22, 2023

The fact that LGBTQ parishioners were encouraged to create a ministry began to make us feel welcomed. But the true sense of belonging came after I saw so many parishioners attending our events, lectures and activities.

How Saint Sebastian became an LGBTQ icon

Views Stephan Goertz / January 19, 2023

Sebastian can be interpreted as a bound Eros. Pointing at him represents a kind of protest.

Pope Francis has met regularly with transgender Catholics at general audiences

Views Iacopo Scaramuzzi / January 13, 2023

“The pope’s meeting with a group of trans people was significant,” noted L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s official newspaper.

I’m an LGBTQ Catholic activist who invites you to see the goodness of Pope Benedict XVI

Views Donald Maher / January 8, 2023

Perhaps his greatest goodness was stepping aside and resigning his pontificate, a great act of humility.

Father Thomas J. Reese, S.J., on Pope Benedict XVI and his teachings on LGBTQ people

Breaking NewsViews Ryan Di Corpo / January 7, 2023

“I felt he was a very holy man, and he was one of the few cardinals whom I asked for their blessing at the end of the interview,” said Father Reese.

“Rooted in the same vine”: Sister Jeannine Gramick on meeting Pope Benedict XVI

Views Jeannine Gramick, S.L. / January 5, 2023

Pope Benedict and I were on different branches, but we were both rooted in the same vine—the vine of Christ.

The power in claiming LGBTQ Catholic history

Views Jason Steidl-Jack / January 2, 2023

Queer believers belong to a proud movement that is making the church more Christlike. Our LGBTQ history affirms that we are not, and have never been, alone.