Welcome. God loves you.

Outreach Staff / September 21, 2023

Watch: Juan Carlos Cruz talks his friendship with Pope Francis

In his keynote address at this year’s Outreach conference, Cruz, a gay Catholic and valued confidant of Pope Francis, spoke of the pontiff’s closeness to LGBTQ people. Recorded at the Church of Saint Paul the Apostle in New York City.

James Martin, S.J. / September 17, 2023

How not to focus on the negative, even when life is discouraging

Reflecting on the Raising of Lazarus, from John’s Gospel (11:1-44), can offer all of us, not just LGBTQ people, some clues in how to move away from the focusing on the negative. 

Jennifer Farrell / September 14, 2023

How Catholic campus ministry programs can create havens for LGBTQ students

Catholic schools with campus ministry programs have a unique opportunity to uphold the life and dignity of all students, particularly those on the margins. The following suggestions will improve your campus ministry programs and affirm the life and dignity of all people, particularly LGBTQ teens.