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Dear friends:

The Peace of Christ!

Thanksgiving Day is a traditional time to be thankful, but really every day is a good day to express thanks. So this is just a brief note, not so much to remind you to be thankful (as important as that is: remember that St. Ignatius Loyola called ingratitude the “most abominable of sins”), but to express my thanks to you.

Let me count the ways. First, for your prayers. Never underestimate the power of prayer and asking God for help. For me, I relied on your prayers especially during the Synod of Bishops last month, when speaking with people about LGBTQ issues was not always easy. 

Second, for everyone who spoke at, or attended, our annual LGBTQ ministry conference this year in New York City. I was amazed at how far some traveled to join us. We were all so grateful to everyone who helped us build community, share best practices and worship together. 

Third, for those of you who have written for Outreach, we’re so grateful for your contributions, stories and insights! 

Fourth, thanks to those who follow us and comment so faithfully on our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Threads. Thanks for that kind of support and love and community. 

Finally, thanks to those who donate to us financially. It makes things a lot easier when we know that we can afford to pay our staff and writers, fund our conferences and do what we hope to do!

Anyway, I’m grateful for Outreach and for all of you. (I’m grateful for my Outreach colleagues Ryan Di Corpo and Jai Sen, too, and everyone at America Media, who support us!) I hope that God shows you things to be grateful for in your lives as LGBTQ people, family members and allies.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

With gratitude, 

James Martin, S.J.

James Martin, S.J.

James Martin, S.J., is the founder of Outreach and the editor at large of America Media.

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