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We need more than an apology for Pope Francis’s homophobic slur, says gay priest

Views Rev. Bryan Massingale / June 4, 2024

I believe the pope needs to listen directly and with an open heart to gay priests who faithfully serve the people of God.

I dream of a Catholic Church that celebrates and embraces LGBTQ people

Views Rev. Bryan Massingale / May 8, 2023

Dreams are what propelled people to do outrageous and dangerous things for the sake of justice.

Bryan N. Massingale: Being a gay man of color is an experience of joy

Views Rev. Bryan Massingale / October 14, 2022

“Being a gay man of color is not just about pain and trauma. It’s also an experience of joy,” said Father Massingale.

Father Bryan Massingale on coming out and finding himself among God’s beloved creation

Views Rev. Bryan Massingale / October 8, 2022

“We live in a church and in a world where Catholic all too often means straight and LGBTQ all too often means white,” said Father Massingale in his keynote address.

Bryan N. Massingale: LGBTQ ministry must contend with the threat of white nationalism

Views Rev. Bryan Massingale / October 7, 2022

To put it bluntly: the ideology of white nationalism sets the context for LGBTQ ministry and gives an urgency to the need for an intersectional awareness and approach to our community.