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The Archdiocese of Denver has a new policy on sexual identity. Here are six ways it harms LGBTQ people.

Views David Palmieri / November 17, 2022

Continuing to prioritize the battle for religious liberty over a disproportionately small number of LGBTQ kids leaves us complicit in the culture of death.

New Zealand bishops release trailblazing document for Catholic educators on sexual diversity

Views David Palmieri / October 18, 2022

While the United States continues to see diocesan policies emerge in response to LGBTQ issues, “Aroha” takes a different approach. When deciding on events or activities, the document advises that “each situation must be judged on its merits.”

New diocesan policies: LGBTQ persons need not apply

Views David Palmieri / August 31, 2022

The Catholic Church has an obligation to defend faith and morals, order and discipline. That principle is not in question. What accounts for the controversy is the new strategy to keep LGBTQ persons from being fully integrated in our Catholic communities.

New website provides resources for LGBTQ students in Catholic high schools

Views David Palmieri / August 17, 2022

This network does not exist to challenge the teachings of the Catholic Church, but to discern the art of discipleship and learn how to walk the narrow ridge as joyful witnesses of the Incarnation and the Resurrection.

I carry a glass marble in my pocket. It reminds me of my duty to LGBTQ people.

Views David Palmieri / July 30, 2022

I carry it with me as a constant reminder of the dignity of every human person, the ultimate pearl of great price.

LGBTQ students face obstacles in Catholic schools. Here’s what better diocesan policy can look like.

Views David Palmieri / June 17, 2022

People who work with kids know that trust is a doorway to the heart and mind, and trust must be earned through the primacy of relationships. Christ prioritized this disposition—mercy first.