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A Catholic Case for Choosing Your Own Pronouns

Views Jim McDermott, S.J. / April 21, 2023

I asked three theologians whether they thought a case could be made for the acceptance of a person’s stated pronouns. Here’s what they had to say.

Ten tips for Catholic schools working with transgender students

Views Jim McDermott, S.J. / March 22, 2023

In recent years, the treatment of transgender students in Catholic schools has become one of the U.S. church’s most complicated and contentious issues.

“We’re Here” drag queen Eureka O’Hara on embracing God’s love for her

Views Jim McDermott, S.J. / December 29, 2022

“We’re Here” has proven to be unique both in the kind of care and attention it offers LGBTQ people, and in the look into American life that it has offered.

Remembering transgender icon Marsha P. Johnson, a saint of welcome

Views Jim McDermott, S.J. / August 9, 2022

“From at least the time she was a teenager, Johnson had a relationship with God that was personal, profound and more than a little mysterious,” writes Jim McDermott, S.J.

Interview: “A Strange Loop” playwright Michael R. Jackson talks faith, compassion and sexuality

Views Jim McDermott, S.J. / June 9, 2022

“A Strange Loop,” which premiered on Broadway this spring and was nominated for 11 Tonys (including two for Jackson himself), is an enormously inventive, funny and challenging show.