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St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute

Buffalo, N.Y.

David Palmieri / August 25, 2022

Founded in 1861, St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute is an all-boys Lasallian high school in Buffalo, N.Y. Animated by the spirit and values of St. John Baptist de LaSalle, the school’s mission is focused on “touching the hearts and minds” of young men in grades nine to 12. 

The St. Joe’s community believes that the values of their Lasallian heritage and the church’s rich tradition of Catholic Social Teaching must be central to the school’s lived mission. Specifically, the community believes that the dignity of the human person must be valued and respected at all times and that the virtue of solidarity must be reflected in the inclusive Lasallian brotherhood that they strive to create.

As members of a global community where race, gender, sexuality, religion, socio-economic class and ability intersect, the St. Joe’s community aims to recognize, understand and celebrate the differences that make us unique. The school also strives to foster the values that we share and confront the ways that the school community has sometimes failed to promote justice, solidarity and respect.

Lasallian schools like St. Joe’s are deeply committed to the principles of cultivating a “respect for all persons” and building “inclusive communities.” While there is no formal support group for LGBTQ students and allies at St. Joe’s, the school’s Equity and Justice Club seeks to create greater awareness around a wide variety of diversity and equity issues, including those connected with sexual identity. The group strives to be an inclusive community where dialogue and understanding are fostered among students, faculty and staff.

David Palmieri

David Palmieri, a contributing writer for Outreach, teaches theology at a Catholic high school. He is a D.Min. candidate at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.

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