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La Tenda di Gionata

Florence, Italy

Outreach Staff / March 10, 2023

La Tenda di Gionata is an Italian Christian volunteer association, founded by volunteers of the Gionata Project who agreed to a proposal of the catholic priest David Esposito. Following his intention, we commit ourselves to the welcoming, training and knowledge of LGBT Christians, their families and pastoral workers, in dialogue with the various Christian communities.

Welcoming: we arrange pastoral events (spiritual retreats, community meetings, pilgrimages, etc.), open to all who are interested, to help LGBT people and their families feel welcome in their Church, but also to foster in our Christian communities listening and to get to know each other.

Training: We promote theological and pastoral learning, debate and updates on faith and homosexuality, giving voice to theologians and pastoral agents who study these issues, listening together to the experiences of people throughout their journey.

Knowledge: We publish documents in Italian that promote thought on these issues. We plan to print a publication every year (on paper or ebook) and to distribute it for free to Christian groups with whom we are in contact (the first one can be downloaded). We also want to collect and make known theological and pastoral experiences and documents on the inclusion of LGBT Christians and their families in local Churches around the world.

Outreach Staff

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