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An Outreach conversation about LGBTQ Catholic ministry

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Editor’s Note: Outreach is pleased to present a series of conversations about LGBTQ Catholic life, hosted by Greg Krajewski, a gay Catholic video producer and director who lives in Chicago. You can listen to the conversation between Greg and Yunuen Trujillo, an LGBTQ ministry professional in California, in the video player below and read a synopsis below.

I spent around the first 12 years of my professional life creating videos highlighting the work of Catholic ministries, including those that focused on young people, Hispanic populations, priests, men, women, couples preparing for marriage and many other niche groups. As a gay, newly married, but still closeted, man, I longed to live out my call to evangelize. But despite my desire, there simply were not many ministries directed at LGBTQ people like me.

Years later, I’m fully out and I’ve noticed a shift. There are more ways for LGBTQ Catholics to find community and pastoral care. What has struck me in these spaces is the different ways LGBTQ Catholics have found their way back to the church, or made their way into the church, or managed to stay in the church, whatever the case may be. Everyone is different. Everyone’s consciences and faith journeys are different. Ministry isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It’s personal and individual. Or, as I’ve discovered, ministry is a relationship. 

Ministry isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It’s personal and individual.

Yunuen Trujillo has spent years ministering in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, most notably as the Spanish religious formation coordinator for the archdiocesan Catholic Ministry with Lesbian and Gay Persons. Her experiences moved her to write a book on the subject, LGBTQ Catholics: A Guide for Inclusive Ministry. Yunuen and people like her are doing the hard work on the ground, work that is essential in encouraging Catholics and others to listen, to pay attention and, however slowly, to become more affirming to the LGBTQ community.

Greg Krajewski

Greg Krajewski is a Catholic video producer and director whose regional Emmy award-winning work has been featured on ABC, PBS, EWTN and various online streaming platforms. He lives in Chicago with his husband.

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