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Review: “Queerness in the Catholic Church” presents the realities of LGBTQ lives

Views Jason Steidl Jack / March 8, 2024

The book’s incarnational, Catholic approach leads us out of ignorance and exclusion to the queer peripheries where everyone is welcome and heard.

In remembering the Holocaust, the Catholic Church must also confront its homophobia

Views Jason Steidl Jack / January 26, 2024

Why didn’t the Holocaust force the Catholic Church to confront its homophobia in the same way it was forced to confront its anti-Semitism?

As a married gay Catholic just blessed by a Catholic priest, I welcome the church’s openness

NewsViews Jason Steidl Jack / December 21, 2023

Blessings for same-sex couples are powerful signs that couples like us share in the same channels of grace that all people enjoy.

Review: In ‘The Everyday Advocate,’ the work of LGBTQ social justice is rooted in faith

Views Jason Steidl Jack / November 8, 2023

The book is a rich resource for any Christian who wants to leave a meaningful legacy of advocacy. For Catholic readers, the book challenges us to embrace sensible, experience-proven strategies to drive social change.

Manhattan parish met with protests after hosting transgender-affirming art exhibit

Views Jason Steidl Jack / June 2, 2023

Unachukwu’s artwork makes the bold claim that all people—especially trans people—have a share in divine life.

LGBTQ Catholics need a queer theology of liberation

Views Jason Steidl Jack / February 12, 2023

Queer faith is good news for the church because it opens space for personal growth and collective transformation.

The power in claiming LGBTQ Catholic history

Views Jason Steidl Jack / January 2, 2023

Queer believers belong to a proud movement that is making the church more Christlike. Our LGBTQ history affirms that we are not, and have never been, alone.

Review: Charlie Bell’s latest book is an argument for LGBTQ inclusion from the English church

Views Jason Steidl Jack / August 20, 2022

The book is a powerful rebuke of the status quo in the Church of England and other Christian communities.