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“Dear Alana” tells the “heartbreaking” story of an LGBTQ Catholic hurt by conversion therapy

Views Grace Doerfler / September 6, 2023

The podcast, detailing the suicide of a young Catholic woman who’d undergone conversion therapy, delicately portrays both the tragedy of a young woman’s life cut short and the culture of a church in which she felt unable to survive.

Queer women are part of the church, too

Views Grace Doerfler / February 9, 2023

The church will only be enriched if it enables queer women to be visible and flourish.

A more universal church

Views Grace Doerfler / May 1, 2022

I believe that young queer people can help to create a more catholic church—that is, a more universal church, in which all are truly welcome.

Catholic universities celebrate LGBTQ students with Queer Prom and Pridefest
News Grace Doerfler / April 18, 2022

Two campus news stories show the LGBTQ progress that continues to be made in Catholic higher education.