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Pope Francis reportedly used a homophobic slur. What now for LGBTQ Catholics?

Breaking NewsViews Michael J. O’Loughlin / May 28, 2024

Even though Francis has repeatedly upheld the church’s official ban on gay men entering seminaries, the remarks seem to be at odds with the pope’s welcoming gestures to the LGBTQ Catholic community—including to gay priests

Pope Francis defends blessings for same-sex couples, calls homosexuality “a human fact” in CBS interview

Breaking NewsViews Ryan Di Corpo / May 20, 2024

The pope renewed his support for the global decriminalization of homosexuality, which he called “a human fact,” during an interview with “60 Minutes.”

Award-winning journalist Michael J. O’Loughlin joins Outreach as executive director

Breaking News James Martin, S.J. / February 6, 2024

In this new role, O’Loughlin will assume responsibility for fundraising, strategic planning and overseeing the day-to-day operations of Outreach.

Martin Scorsese on LGBTQ people: “Growing up, I felt for them.”

Breaking NewsViews Ryan Di Corpo / January 23, 2024

Outreach managing editor Ryan Di Corpo spoke with the director about his relationship to the LGBTQ community and his decision to executive produce “Building a Bridge.”

The Vatican’s declaration on same-sex blessings is a huge step forward for LGBTQ Catholics

Breaking NewsViews James Martin, S.J. / December 18, 2023

The declaration opens the door, for the first time, for the official blessings of same-sex couples by ministers of the church—something that has long been desired by LGBTQ Catholics and their families and friends.

Read the full text of the Vatican’s declaration approving blessings for same-sex couples

Breaking News Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith / December 18, 2023

The value of this document, however, is that it offers a specific and innovative contribution to the pastoral meaning of blessings, permitting a broadening and enrichment of the classical understanding of blessings.

The first Synod report addresses many topics. So where are LGBTQ people?

Breaking NewsViews Ryan Di Corpo / October 28, 2023

By multiple accounts, LGBTQ people—at least through their stories and struggles—were present in the Synod hall. But they are noticeably absent from this document.

Pope Francis shows support to LGBTQ Catholic groups as Synod meets

Breaking NewsViews Ryan Di Corpo / October 25, 2023

These papal meetings come amid widespread speculation and significant interest about discussions between Synod delegates on LGBTQ topics.

Outreach editor Father James Martin appointed to upcoming Synod of Bishops

Breaking News Colleen Dulle / July 7, 2023

Pope Francis has expressed his support for Father Martin’s ministry on multiple occasions. Most recently, he sent his greetings to participants in the Outreach LGBTQ Catholic Ministry Conference in June.

Pope Francis sends greetings to this year’s Outreach conference for LGBTQ Catholics

Breaking News Outreach Staff / June 14, 2023

“I send my best regards to the members of the meeting at Fordham University,” wrote the Holy Father.