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Devenir Un En Christ (Becoming One In Christ)

Vincennes, France

Marla Olson, Timothée de Montgolfier / March 29, 2023

Devenir Un En Christ (Becoming One In Christ) is a French Catholic association that welcomes homosexual people and their loved ones in a climate of respect and confidence, no matter what their personal situations might be.  Among our members you will find homosexual individuals and couples; parents of homosexual children; divorced and separated people; and priests and members of religious orders.

We trace our roots to June 4, 1986, when Michel and Marie-Francoise Jamet founded our association following the death of their son.  We have grown exponentially since then.  We provide a listening ear tailored to each person’s situation; places of reflection and prayer; monthly groups for prayer sharing in 15 cities and regions in France, Belgium and Canada; and monthly Masses in Paris and Marseille, as well as Masses in Quebec every trimester.

We also host events for different groups of individuals and their families, including for 2023, a weekend for homosexual people between ages 18 and 35; a day for parents of gay children; a meeting for spouses united by the Sacrament of Marriage; a spiritual retreat for homosexual women; a “hike and pray” event; a meeting for priest and religious; and a spiritual retreat.  We also have groups geared towards homosexual people and their allies, including one geared towards dating for parents of homosexual youth.

Our website contains resources for homosexual people, including answers to questions of great importance to them and their allies such as, “What does the Bible say about homosexuality?” “Is it possible to be a Christian and homosexual?” “Is homosexuality an obstacle to my relationship with God?” “Can I really love someone of the same sex?”

Our goal is not to be militant, but to be in close relation with the Church.  We participate in our local dioceses, parishes and local religious communities, and most of our retreats and weekends take place in the historic abbeys and monasteries of our regions.  We also have members who are available to participate in roundtable discussions and to tell their stories in local parishes, dioceses and various church associations.

Marla Olson

Marla Olson worked as a speech pathologist in the US and moved to France in 2001 to live with her partner. She became involved with Devenir Un En Christ in 2012. She is now a member of the organizations board and communication committee.

Timothée de Montgolfier

Timothée de Montgolfier lives in France with his husband (and cute dog Baloo). He is a lawyer and works in a court. He became involved in Devenir Un En Christ in 2015. He has been a member of its board of directors since 2018 and president of the association since 2022.

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